It's nice to meet you.

What you should know about me...

is that cynical people tend to give me the side eye. Until I befriend them and show them how amazing they are and then I share my dry sarcasm with them and then we laugh together and they get just a wee bit less cynical. 

I am singularly driven by a central belief that the world can be a kinder and better place, and you, yes YOU dear reader, play a role in doing just that. I am obsessed with helping you do more of it while living a great life, because honestly, it feels f*cking great to contribute to your awesomeness. (I also curse sometimes - sorry). 

I've been coaching for five years, guiding social change agents – especially those who we don't often see in positions of power – to recognize your strengths and leadership capabilities and then helping you to zone in on practices, processes, and actions to step into the leadership roles where you can be most effective at making positive change through your work, for your team members, and at home. 

I have been known to say that my super power is making friends, but not so much riding bikes. I have cats, but I also love dogs. 

Feel free to drop me a line at hello@juliafirestone.com. 

Can't wait to meet you.


P.S. for more bio details, you can find me on LinkedIn.