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I highly recommend working with Julia! I did several sessions with her and she was so helpful; intuitive, thoughtful, reflective, and supported holistic growth through lots of creative approaches.
— Xiaohoa Michelle Ching, Founder & CEO, Literator; Forbes 30 Under 30 & 30×100
From our very first meeting, I walked away with a game plan to get clear on goals, build capacity for my organization, and develop tools we need to reach more supporters.
— Eileen Flannigan, Founder and Executive Director, Girls on Fire Leaders
Julia and I first met through MCW Global, an organization that runs an international youth mentorship program. I was attending the program as a mentor and Julia as a speaker. Julia helped me think about new ways to search for jobs and coached me through my resume and cover letter writing. She saw the value in my divergent experiences and helped me leverage my idealism. I am proud to be employed full time in a position I love supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs.
— Cody Jacobs, Program Manager, Women Entrepreneurs NYC
From the moment we met, Julia was relatable and easy to connect with. She has been such an incredible source of strength and motivation. As a result of our work together, I have a renewed sense of confidence in my own leadership and the strengths I bring to the table.
— Rebecca Wicker, The Pitch Queen

Workshop Facilitation

Julia is confident, punctual, and approachable during facilitation. She enters the workshop being prepared and ready to take the lead. Throughout all my experiences being a part of a workshop or seminar that Julia has facilitated, time and again she generates a high level of participation and enthusiasm among attendees and aids the group in coming to a consensus. I would highly recommend Julia as a facilitator and am grateful for her contributions to Graphite: Impact Council at Pencils of Promise.
— Dr. C.J. Stanfill, Director of Learning and Evaluation, Pencils of Promise
I’ve been leading a community choir for 4 years and was feeling burnt out. I asked Julia to facilitate a braintrust with very little notice, and she joyfully jumped into the process. Before the group arrived, Julia supported me in coming up with a guiding question for the group that felt truthful and thought-provoking. After the group arrived, Julia led the group process in a way that was structured but not rigid - she generally helped us stay within the time limits of each activity, but if a choir member needed a little longer to speak their truth, Julia made space for that. Julia’s way of interacting is a very special mix of confidence and humility; she has enough confidence to help a group feel safe and secure in her hands, and enough humility that everyone feels welcomed into the conversation. I would absolutely recommend Julia to any group looking to face change in a hopeful and efficacious manner.
— Rebecca Barnett, Music teacher and Choir Director